Animal Farm Treatment/ La ferme des animaux revisitée

A modernized adaptation of George Orwell’s animal farm, focusing on income inequality and the rise of the 1%. The animals rise through neo-liberalism, striving towards their own self-interest, believing that this collective self-interest will lead to a better overall society. With the pigs becoming corporate leaders, the laws are rewritten, and these Beasts of the Prairies slowly watch their independence slip away.
Featuring a cast of animals, shadow puppetry, live accordion music and toys, this show is available to be performed in either French or English.
Study guide is available in both French and English.
Written/ Performed by Alice Nelson
Directed by Kelly Reay
Translated by Gisèle Villeneuve
Accordion Arrangement by Jason Kodie
Shadow Screens by Kate Ware
Created with the support of Alberta Foundation for the Arts